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News in the forefront

The deduction allowed for restructuring expenditure has now been raised to 50% (ex 36%) so the maximum amount deductible to € 96,000 (ex 48,000). This amendment will remain in force until 30 June 2013 when, unless established otherwise, it will return to 36%; extension of 55% tax deductions until 30/06/2013; Extension of the obligation to install independent heat accounting and heat regulation systems until 01/08/13 ; Reference laws in force: Decree Law no. 83, 22 June 2012, known as the "Growth Decree”; Reference laws in force: Regional Council Resolution 2601/2011 and amendments with Resolution IX/3855 of 25/07/12.

Our goals

Our company's main goal is to offer end customers a "turnkey" service: analysis of consumption, feasibility check for the installation of new plants, design (in collaboration with trusted technical offices, scheduled maintenance of plants installed).


This month's special offer

  • Replace your heat generator with a new condensing boiler and its modern condensing techniques for considerable gas consumption reduction, more specifically 30% compared to your old heating plant; the stainless steel heat exchanger assures highly efficient heat transmission, the innovative burner guarantees clean combustions with particularly low NOx emissions, all fundamental nowadays to use the natural resources available intelligently - practical ENEA (Italy) management indispensable to be able to deduct 55% free of charge.
Install a water softener in your home; don't forget that 1 mm incrustation = 10% more energy wasted!, we install the drinking water filtering device free of charge (free labour), to avoid the inflow of solid particles from the public water network, the clogging of shower and spray heads.


About natural resources

• Based on calculations gas is expected to be available for the next 70 years if present consumption levels are maintained; if you add reserves not used for economic reasons this will go up to 100 years.
Despite that, intelligent use of available resources is a must.
A modern condensing gas boiler enables you to reduce gas consumption by 30% compared to an old heating plant.
The technology used means you recover part of the heat contained in fumes, exploiting fuel better. The condensing boiler consumes less fuel than a traditional one.

About Heat pumps

• Heat pumps only draw heat from the environment, collecting and using the thermal energy in the ground, in aquifers or in the air. This energy recovery process gives you really high yield values; our heat pumps are fully independent.

About water

• Water is decalcified through separation using under power. The device has two electrodes; the electric power causes calcium crystals to form on the electrodes; the special electrode surface makes the calcium crystals form at minimum power, lower than water's electrolytic power. By inverting electrode polarity at regular intervals the calcium crystals are detached from the electrodes and transported by the running water into the domestic water network as microscopic seed crystals. In the downstream water system calcium incrustation forms around these seed crystals and less on the surface of coils and on the inner pipe walls; the calcium crystals are transported outside the running water system; the visible effect is a considerable reduction in calcium incrustation in hot water preparers and pipes.
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